Hana Cervinkova

Faculty of Education. University of Lower Silesia

Participation and Education.
Action research as citizenship education

Organizers: Collegium Civitas – Centrum Badań Społeczności i Polityk Lokalnych (CAL Association) and Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa (University of Lower Silesia) – Zakład Pedeutologii, Zakład Antropologii Edukacji i Studiów Kulturowych, Międzynarodowy Instytut Studiów nad Kulturą i Edukacją – Wydział Nauk Pedagogicznych (Departments of Teacher Education, Educational Anthropology and the International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education – Faculty of Education)

April 4-5, 2012, Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa (University of Lower Silesia), Wrocław, Poland

The seminar entitled, Action Research as Citizenship Education, organized between April 4-5, 2012 at the University of Lower Silesia in Wrocław was an example of an exceptional institutional cooperation – the seminar was organized jointly two leading non-public Polish universities and their research institutes – Collegium Civitas (Warsaw) and the University of Lower Silesia (Wroclaw). The project was born out of an EU funded project realized by the CAL Association which brought different practitioners and academics in Poland together to discuss critical issues related to participatory democracy in the Polish context. At a discussion following one of such project meetings in Warsaw, we decided to organize a joint seminar that would discuss the important role that engaged research practices and educational action research can play in the building of participatory democracy and citizenship.

The seminar in Wroclaw brought together almost fifty academics, practitioners, representatives of non-governmental organizations and local governments for two days of presentations and discussions. The event was organized around sessions that featured work of selected academic and non-academic Polish institutions that conceptualize their academic, research and applied practices in the tradition of action research. These included the University of Gdańsk (Maria Mendel), C.A.L. – Collegium Civitas from Warsaw (Bogdan Skrzypczak, Rafał Krenz), University of Lower Silesia (Bogusława Dorota Gołębniak, Hana Cervinkova, Rozalia Ligus, Beata Zamorska), University of Szczecin (Maria Czerepaniak-Walczak, Krzysztof Jaworski, Renata Wiśniewska), University of Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz (Ewa Filipiak, Ewa Lemańska-Lewandowska, Joanna Szymczak). The seminar also featured a presentation by the representatives of the Regional Government of Lower Silesia and several local foundations.

The most often discussed issues included those of action research as an element of teacher education, action research as a methodology of citizenship education, action research and possibilities of systemic change for democratic participation and ethical issues in action research. The focus of the seminar enabled the discussion to occasionally take on an intensive form, especially while deliberating on ethical issues related to action research and during the concluding panel on the possibilities of systemic change. Organizers have foreseen the continuation of the discussion in future events and publications. The seminar was an evidence of the growing interest in action research and participatory methodologies in Polish educational sciences.

Partycypacja i edukacja
– badania w działaniu jako edukacja obywatelska

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